After 40 years of British manufacturing, because of the current trend to move manufacturing facilities to China, Court Acoustics has resolved to retain only the Black Box II system, which has always been, and still is, built by British craftsmen in the UK.

BB2LF4 4 x 15" V-Bin horn Bass System 3975.00
BB2 LF2 2 x 15" V-Bin horn Bass System 2022.00
BB2LF2/N As above with neodymium magnets 2186.00
BB2HF 2 way Low/High Mid horn system 2260.00
BB22HF/N As above with neodymium magnets 2970.00

BCFR600 600w 2 way system with 500w 15" driver in a tuned port reflex enclosure & passive (or active) 2" driver on 90 x 60 horn 1086.00
BB2HF/2 300w + 100w 2 way passive or active medium to long throw 10" driver and 1.4" driver on a low distortion conical 90 x 60 horn 1860.00
BCLF1000 2 x 500w long throw bass drivers in our unique V - Bin horn with ported back chambers for maximum bass quality and throw. 1860.00
BC2LF "Earthquake" bass & sub bass system with a total power of 3000 watts 2022.00
BC150 Our latest product comprising a wide angle 120° lateral dispersion with softer wavefronts providing a true wall of Hi-fi surround sound 120.00
Power Block Modular power amp system with 6 -12 channels plus filters, electronic crossovers & auto limiters, custom tailored to each cinema/td> 3600-6000

Studio Monitors £
SN70 Bi Amplified mastering/replay monitors per matched pair 5260.00
4 ch power amp 2 x 375w rms and 2 x 215w rms with integral 100 Hz 24dB/octave crossover 1820.00

Package Prices

Court Acoustics can offer complete package prices with attractive discounts Plus additional discounts for educational clients.

Total system packages can also be arranged with attractive discounts. Whilst Black Box II can be used with any high quality control electronics and power amplifiers, we particularly recommend Graphic Equalisers, Crossovers / Loudspeaker management systems by XTA Electronics Ltd, and Power Amplifiers by - MC². Please contact us for special total package prices

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