In Celebration of 40 years of Studio Mastering

"The monitoring was by Court - one ot the finest loudspeakers I have ever heard was designed by Court Acoustics ".. Billboard's review of The Mill Studios

"Could this be the Ultimate Speaker System?" Ian Hart - Davis - Recording Engineer & Producer
"We auditioned the Internet's listing of the world's top 10 speakers and irrespective of price, Court's new SN70s just blew them all away. From bass that really hits you in the chest, through mids with extraordinary clarity and highs with transients I have never heard before. The SN70's clarity and definition is just breathtaking" Nigel Follett - Audiophile & Marketing Consultant

It has been said that the 70's was the most creative era in music on both sides of the Atlantic. Studios all over the UK produced the very best in analogue, vinyl and digital re-mastering technology.

For example Pink Floyd's three biggest selling albums of all time, - Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here & The Wall, were all recorded in the seventies. There were probably more music genres conceived in the seventies - music as varied as reggae and punk. The seventies also launched technical adventures in sound with the advent of the combined recording engineer & producer like Alan Parsons, Eddy Offord and Martin Rushent..

To commemorate this brilliant era, Court have introduced an anniversary 3-way bi-amped Studio Monitor - hand built in the UK - the SN70 system which combines the very best of both traditional and modern speaker technology resulting in a mastering or replay monitor of outstanding definition and clarity.

Based on the 70s classic JBL L65 by two of the world's leading speaker designers Walter Dick & Ed May, Court took their system - doubled the enclosure size and changed the 12" driver for a new 15" 27 Hz driver for even more bass. The 5" driver was then changed to a unique polished fibre cone 8".mid unit in its own sealed sub enclosure for improved midrange clarity. Finally Court's own version of the JBL 077 slot loaded ring radiator with aluminium diaphragm and edgewound voice coil was added. The result was the SN70 - a monitor speaker with literally outstanding performance, with all the Court hallmarks - powerful bass, open mid and exceptionally clean high frequency transients.

All these features combine to form the classic "British Sound" that established itself so well in the 70's.

The system is bi-amped between 90-110Hz for reduced distortion with greater control, and the mid/HF is independently controlled on the front panel as part of the internal 18dB/octave network using hand wound coils and hand matched polyester capacitors. Last but not least, the SN70 enclosure is hand built in the UK with 18mm and 36mm high density fibreboard with kiln dried stock bracing throughout. The result is a mastering and replay monitor of outstanding clarity and definition, capable of extreme bass reproduction down to the limits of human hearing, combined with superbly smooth high frequency transients from the aluminium diaphragm ring radiator. The wide 140 degrees lateral dispersion finally ensures smooth distribution of sound over the listening area. The tweeter can be rotated to provide 140 degree dispersion when the monitor is mounted horizontally.

Court Monitor Systems Clients include Abbey Road Studios • Advision Studios • Britannia Row (Pink Floyd) • De Lane Lea / CTS • Eden Studios • Kingsway Recorders • RAK Records (Mickie Most) • Marquee Studios • Regents Park Studios • The Masteroom • The Mill Studios • Trident Studios ... and many more

Through continual research & development, Court Acoustics reserve the right to alter specifications without notice

Also available is a separate 4 - channel MC² TL-450 Power amplifier system built for Court Acoustics giving 2 x 375w and 2 x 215w per channel with integral 100 Hz 24dB per octave linkwitz-riley crossover. A perfect compliment to the SN70 in every way.