Cinema Range

Court Acoustics first became involved in the cinema industry when digital sound brought professional audio into the industry in the seventies & eighties, when a leading Leicester Square cinema in London's West End, launched Pink Floyds award winning "The Wall" production - the cinema's new flagship JBL system just didn't have the dynamics for the incredible "earthquake" sounds and wide band music, so Pink Floyd moved some of their Court PA system into the cinema for the duration.- it literally brought the roof down.

Court's first all digital 5,000w surround sound system was installed at the Odeon cinema in Barnstaple and created newspaper headlines when they launched it for the digital sound of Star Wars. This cinema subsequently won the 2008 RAAM "Independent Cinema of the Year" Award .

"With the latest digital High Definition sound tracks and now broadcasts from concerts and performances all over the world, the superb sound quality of Court sound systems is really bringing cinemas into a new dimension"

BC2HF2 & BCLF1000 The ultimate three way system for medium to large cinemas. The horn loaded 2 x 400w bass units create low frequency quality without bass boom. The 10" rapid flare horn and the 1.4" constant directivity horns, reproduce digital soundtracks with superb hi-fidelity sound over a wide listening area incxluding outside arenas.

BCFR600 A two way wide angle, rapid flare rate 2" 100w horn speaker system with a single 500w ported bass system provides excellent vocal clarity with extremely low distortion. This system can be used for central vocal sound in any size venue as well as left and right sound in small to medium venues when used with our bass and sub bass systems.

BC2LF2 The ultimate in "earthquake" bass systems. True bass without boom that provides an incredible listening experience without overpowering the ears. The 10cu ft ported back chamber combines with the 10 sq ft mouth area, with 3000 watts of drivers, provides bass and sub bass that can be felt as well as heard, and just has to be experienced

BC150 Our latest development and custom designed for cinema surround systems. Not just the usual bookshelf speaker stuck on the walls, but a beautifully engineered hi-fi speaker with 120 degrees lateral spread. 4, 6 or 8 of these systems provide walls of coherent surround sound without the usual "hot and cold" spots.

Power Amplifier BlockThis is a unique system custom designed by Court Acoustics for the cinema industry. A portable rack with up to 12 channels of bi-polar power amplifiers, with built in limiters, electronic crossovers and filters for every venue requirement. These are heavy-weight amplifiers with huge power supplies, and range from 250w+250w for surround and centre vocals, up to 1500w +1500w for the ultimate stereo and sub bass systems. The amps all feature delay turn on, full DC and overload protection. This combination guarantees total compatibility with all electronics, and every Power Block is tailored by us for each cinema installation.