This was considered fine as an installation system but was even heavier than the Black Box double bass bin, so modifications were required. The two lighter cones on the vertical axis were rotated through 90 degrees and installed in one compact low bin, whilst the two heavy cones were installed in a matching low bin. The essential components s being the V-shaped baffle, the 10 sq foot mouth and the all important 10 cub foot rear chamber, were retained when both bins were stacked, so BLACK BOX II had a far more compact and lighter bass bin than its predecessor. The result of this 3000 watt bin, was a level and quality of bass combined with sub sonic performance that had not been heard before.

The Black Box II Hi bin had its wooden horn flares replaced with carbon fibre flares, and was cut into two for compactness and substantial reduction in weight over its predecessor. Again these were rapid expansion flares for reduced distortion, and the 1.4" throat of the new 2.7" high frequency driver contains an aluminium phase and dispersion correction lens system. The voice coil gap has been reduced, along with better linearity in the phasing plug, to give an even flatter high frequency response to 18 kHz. The front loaded low mid horn is coupled to a new 2.5" voice coil 10" ultra-linear driver for minimum colouration especially on vocal frequencies.

BLACK BOX II is made in Britain and all its components are made within Europe.