Black Box continued to be used worldwide into the 21st century, and according to Pro Sound News was the world's most widely used PA system. One FOH engineer used Black Box at Glastonbury in 2008 and commented that he "had forgotten just how good that system was" With this and other comments from customers world wide, it was decided to introduce a new version of this system, and call it Black Box II. Whilst the laws of physics which govern speaker design have not changed, there has been a tremendous improvement in bass driver design from the point of voice coil power handling, and the high frequency performance of compression drivers.

A 4 x 15" version of the V Baffle was the obvious road to take, and following the research into dissimilar bass driver parameters done in the Hi-fi industry, Court installed two lighter cone drivers on the vertical axis, and two heavy cone drivers on the horizontal axis. This successfully combined the impulse response of the 2 x 15" bin, with the sub sonic performance of the 2 x 18" bin.

BB2 LF 2 x 18" This new product introduced in the summer of 2015 is based on our new 18" 3000 watt driver with 4.5" voice coil, twin spiders, vented gap and probably the biggest magnet assembly ever seen on a single loudspeaker with a massive BL factor totalling 64.
The Court V- Bin ® © combines a 6 sq ft mouth area with a massive 12 cu ft back chamber acting as a 30 Hz Helmholtz resonator with 6 feet of ducted port venting. Designed primarily as an "earthquake" system for our cinema range, the new 2 x 18" has a bass performance that just has to be felt to be believed.

The original 4 x 15" V- Bin with a half sized HF array - more suitable for theatre, cinema and other permanent installations

BLACK BOX II is made in Britain and all its components are made within Europe.