A new kind of Bass
In the nineties, Black Box continued to be used all over the world, and with the advent of the rave concerts, a new kind of bass manifested itself. The instant kick or impulse response of the 2 x 15" bass, clearly needed to be augmented by the sub sonic, slow rise time bass of synthesiser and other computerised bass which predominated in rave music. The DSB2000 was introduced, and used 2 x 18" heavy cone drivers. It was necessary to load these down to the lowest possible frequency, so a new design, based on the rear folded horns - miniature versions of the old Westrex/JBL 4520 cinema bin.

With the oversized ports needed for sub bass,if the unit was to be used with Black Box, there was insufficient baffle width to accommodate 2 x 18" drivers. So the baffle was folded into a V shape, which on test gave surprising results. The two 18s gave a piston area of around square feet, but mounted on the V-baffle, these pistons were modulating the volume of air made up by the V baffle, whose mouth area totalled more than 5 square feet. The sub sonic bass from these heavy cones, augmented the impulse response of the lighter cones in Black Box, to cover the entire audio spectrum.

BLACKBOX II is made in Britain and all its components are made within Europe.